Idiots Are Everywhere!

Idiots Are Everywhere!

March 6, 2013 1:21 pm 4 comments

Few times I wonder, am I living in a country that is known to be the third largest producer of engineers and doctors in the World? Am I living in a country that demands to be a superpower with the self-development of high end technology? Am I really living in India that claims to have masterminds in the national security team?

Come on, give me a break. I am still living in a country where idiots are around, everywhere, literally! I had an impression that India gets governed by some intelligent minds who are responsible for the national security issues and they do their job really well, but the recent announcement of cap of five text messages, 25 KB data per go, and block of hundreds of web pages changed my thinking, completely.

I do understand that I am no one to raise an issue when it comes to national security, but I am someone to shout at loud when it comes to interference in my daily habits.

I have been put to great inconvenience due to the cap of five text message limit per day aftermath of the rumors leading to exodus of north-easterners from several parts of the country. Later government increased the limit to twenty a day, though. The smart brains in the power had also applied restrictions on the use of data through mobile phones, they had gone so kind to allow use of 25 KB data in one go through mobile phones.

idiotCan I please go ahead and call you idiots, considering the fact that I am living in a democratic country and have got enough privileges granted by the Constitution of India to raise my voice against any damn thing that I don’t find appropriate?

Dear decision-takers, do you even know how much 25 KB of data is? If a mobile phone user tries to access, the connection between the mobile phone and the website server will require exchange of more than 200KB of data, which means according to your rule, one can’t even access regular websites to browse web or send emails. Again, why would someone prefer to use a mobile phone to circulate rumors when access to internet connected computing devices is widely available and very much accessible? You fail here, big time.

Before moving ahead, I would like to thank the decision-takers that they did not decide to limit the daily call limit to 5 minutes. Else, my article title would have been different, trust my English vocabulary!

In a nation where more than 930 million mobile phone users live and use their mobile phones to stay connected with their world, how can some authorities be so rude to limit the daily text message limit to 5, and then 20? If your main aim was to stop people from spreading rumors, dear decision takers, you fail big time here, again!

You people limited the ability to send outgoing text messages, but you did not put any limit on incoming text messages. All mobile phones were able to receive unlimited number of incoming messages, from any part of the World.

Have you ever heard of VoIP services, such as Skype? One can find hundreds of such VoIP services if he or she makes a Google search with a keyword like “VoIP service“. These VoIP services allow users to send unlimited text messages to any part of the World, and their charges are very reasonable too. If someone wants to spread misleading information and doctored pictures of Assam violence, he can easily use the available resources to send unlimited SMS  to any mobile number. Since the VoIP service providers are not governed by Indian Government, but mostly by US, Canada, and offshore countries, you can not do anything but to watch them spreading rumors. Need not to say, you fail big time here, all again!

Now coming to an another interesting step taken by the Government. Soon after the cap on SMS and mobile data usages, Indian Government puts a ban on over thousands of web pages, including Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, WikiPedia pages, YouTube videos, and few websites. Is this going to help?

Facebook search feature is not as powerful as Google search and hence you can’t track down the exact pages that are spreading the rumors in real time. You can’t even use Google to search for the rumors spreading on Facebook pages as Google is known not to index Facebook page updates too quickly. Again, Twitter is free to use, new accounts can be created and verified in just minutes, and tracking down real time updates and put a ban on them is not possible. It’s a time consuming process and probably the Government has to look forward to develop a productive solution to tackle this kind of situations in future.

Now we can understand that both Twitter and Facebook can’t be scanned to the core for security issues.

Let’s go to Wikipedia now. As we all know that WikiPedia is a user generated content library, no matter if some pages are blocked, users can still add new pages to it with whatever information they wish to add. Again, existing WikiPedia pages can be edited by anyone with the kind of content he or she wants to add. Blocking few websites in India won’t help either as anyone can access any blocked website from any part of the World using proxies.

Well, it will look funny if I put an end to the article here, after so much of criticism, and without a valid suggestion that could help to tackle situations like this.

If I were in the decision taking team, I would have rather asked the telecom ministry to send mass text message to all mobile phone users in India, mentioning the fact that no such attacks on Asamme people is taking place. If you can send mass text messages during election campaigns, you could have done that very same thing this time as well. Hearing something from the Central government itself and that too by text message would have assured many North Indian people and we would might have not seen thousands of people leaving for their home states.

Again, you could have asked big daddies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc, to carry a special info at the bottom of their web pages to let the Indian users know the fact. If China Government could do this, why not you, India Government?

As an Indian, I find this very unfortunate to see how people are spreading rumors and making a national issue out of nothing. But then its even more unfortunate to see how the Indian Government reacted to the situation and took some idiotic steps to tackle the situation. The above points were my 2 cents though.


This article was originally written by me for an English daily. Image source- Sound Village.


  • We live in country which is the third largest producer of engineers and doctors in the World but at the same time we also live in a country which can’t produce politicians with a working brain under their white/black garden..

  • Our Indian Politicians don’t know what is Skype, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter etc? So, We should not expect anything from them.

  • sir very nice articles and nice website……

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