I will miss Orkut.com

I will miss Orkut.com

July 2, 2014 6:14 am 7 comments

I don’t know how to write this blog post! Orkut might have been an another social network for others, but for me it’s THE NETWORK. Google has announced to shut down Orkut.com on 30th September 2014 through a blog post and I went emotional. I have obvious reasons to get emotional though.

It all started in my college lab. Someone was accessing his Orkut profile and I requested him to send me an invite to join. I joined the network, updated my profile with details and a profile pic, and started adding people to my friend list. Slowly I got so addicted to Orkut that I could not help but keep doing random stuffs on Orkut for 8-10 hours everyday. Probably it was all planned, it was all in my destiny. If Orkut were not there, I would not have been a blogger.

orkut logo

Practice makes a man perfect. As I was playing with various Orkut features for 8-10 hours everyday, I was slowly maturing into a master of Orkut related tips and tricks. I could instantly tell people how to do interesting things on Orkut, like adding animated images to “about me” field, getting email ID of any user, access someone’s locked pics, etc. I went to be quite popular among my Orkut friends because of my knowledge and helping nature.

As I said above, it was all planned, it was all in my destiny – Ganesh, one dear friend from Andhra Pradesh, whom I had met on an online forum, called me to say that before heading to his home for summer vacation he wants to come to my home for a 2 days stay so that we could hangout for sometime. Who knew that the 2 days plan would turn out to be a 7 days plan! Who knew that those 7 days would change my life, forever!

During the stay I noticed Ganesh posting random stuffs on various sites. Upon asking, he told me that those sites are called blogs where one can write about anything. Ganesh did know that I know a lots of things about Orkut and asked me “Why don’t you blog on Orkut tips and tricks?”. And then http://orkut-guide.blogspot.com happened.

Slowly I started getting traffic from Google, love from readers, and then my first Adsense check.

Google Adsense check

Blogging became an addiction because it was giving me the opportunity to be on Orkut for as many hours as I wish to, opportunity to explore ways to do various Orkut hacks, and end up getting paychecks every months. Then I took the whole thing further and created two more Orkut related sites:

a. Darkorkut.com

b. Bapun.com (Bapun is my nick, btw)

Dark Orkut was again a Orkut tips and tricks related website while Bapun.com was a picture message site from where once could get html codes for images to post on other’s scarpbooks. Both of these websites became instant hits since not much competition was there and I could refer one site’s traffic to another as they were related.

I was enjoying the attention that my web properties were getting from Orkut users. I was getting tons of friend requests from random people thinking that I am an Orkut power user and could help them whenever they need. I had even developed one application for Orkut that they still do have in their directory.

Link to application: http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Application?appId=578549341952

During 2009-10 things started changing. People were moving to Facebook and Orkut was losing it’s active user base day by day. It was probably the wake up alarm for Google, after which Google made every attempt to make Orkut feature rich by adding new features in regular intervals, such as chat, better photo album, organized profile page, communities, themes, integration with Google+, etc, it failed to compete with the fast loading, better organized, and ever developing Facebook.

Once the hottest web property of Google, Orkut, became dead.

Bapun.com Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images
If Orkut were not there, I could have never come across a few strangers who later became very good friends. Thanks Orkut for introducing me to Gautam bhai, Leeta, Swetalina didi, along with others.

I would have not started writing blogs if Orkut were not there. I would probably have chosen some other career option to earn my bread and butter.

Orkut, your creators might have some reasons to shut you down, but you will always be remembered. Whenever people will discuss about social networking platforms, your name will be pronounced. It’s not the end of Orkut, but end of an era.

I will miss your scraps.
I will miss testimonials.
I will miss communities.
I will miss you, THE NETWORK!


  • Tushar

    Wow! So true…

    Yeah, Orkut had special place for everyone in India. We never bothered to use MySpace back then though…

    I started promoting Movies on Orkut, with first social media icon on movie sites. Haha..

  • Everything happens for good. Your friend coming to stay with you sir was the best thing. i wish I too had a friend like yours who could have guided me, thought blogging is a tough thing and not possible for everyone to make money these days

  • Even lots of people got there first love through Orkut like me :). For sure they will miss it.

  • Any way nice post :)

  • Well, very much true for me as well, I made my first online Income with help of orkut, Met some wonderful guys on Orkut. I will surely gonna miss that Indo-Pak Cricket War, where I used to spent almost 10-16 Hours a day during First T20 WC.
    I am gonna miss my communities ( own almost 100+ comms having millions Fans.

    Those Requests for Writing Testi, Becoming Fan etc :)
    Anyway, it was dead for me from last 2-3 years I guess but will be missed for sure.

  • sachin

    I miss orkut that 2007 – 2010 time when we were addicted to orkut. Those scrapbook, communities, friends.
    I miss that time when I have been in the college, seeing people’s profile.
    Really it was awesome time. I miss that so much. I love u orkut. Wherever u are u will be remembered and placed ahead in the field of social networking.
    Best social networking site of the century.

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