About Me

Soumya Pratihari

Soumya is a professional blogger, and the founder of iDev. He is one of the leading experts in the domain of blogging, and Internet Marketing, and manages over 100 blogs on various niches, including few blogs that rank among TOP blogs in several categories by various blog ranking platforms.

He has written one Internet Marketing guide to help others to earn money online, which is supposed to get released very shortly. He has hosted few TV shows during his college days, and now doing a tech based show as techno-expert. He is also a Samsung Mob!ler.

He also owns a C&F and distribution firm that deals with FMCG products, and a movie production house to produce movies.

He has been featured on many prominent TV channels, newspapers, and websites for his entrepreneurial achievements.. He is active on most social platforms with username @bapun where you can make him a friend.

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